Maritata Soup, the queen of the table in Naples

Maritata Soup, the queen of the table in Naples

Christmas is approaching and we certainly feel like getting organized to prepare tasty dishes but respecting traditions.

Maritata soup, the queen of the Christmas table, is an absolute must. The oldest version dates back to 1588. Historians swear it is the first.

“The Maritata made of torzi, large bones – wrote author Del Tufo – and meat, … where a piece of old ham is used to make a better preparation of salcizon, sopressata and broccolaro with its fennel and good cheese inside, so that the flavor penetrates the center”.

Since then numerous versions and interpretations have been proposed. Neapolitan and non-Neapolitan cookbooks are full of ideas on how to make it.

Sabina Castelfranco

Radio and Television Journalist with 30 years of experience as a Correspondent and Producer, Sabina Castelfranco was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Italy, Spain and America and graduated at the London School of Economics. After passing the Italian State exam as a professional journalist, she became a reporter for Vatican Radio, CBS Radio and Voice of America among others. Since 1998 she works as a producer for CBS 60 Minutes and freelances for all major American, British and Australian networks.

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