The vegetable gardens of the Venice Lagoon

The vegetable gardens of the Venice Lagoon

The lagoon myth is one of churches, historical palaces, calli, canals, of looking out onto the islands and islets. But one journey to be made is to the islands and islets where cultivating the land is still a daily activity. Ancient cultivations that provide consumers with vegetables, wines with unique flavours but with could not be appreciated without their history.

Burano and Mazzorbo

The itineraries are many from the most famous Burano,  Mazzorbo or Maiurbium can be reached by crossing a bridge. Here the inland populations took refuge to escape the barbarians. Over the centuries they have never stopped cultivating. Its vegetable gardens are particularly beautiful also because they are inserted in a particular urban context. The ancient Dorona grape variety is one of the treasures of this part of the Venetian lagoon. Brought back into production it has very limited quantities.

Saint Erasmus

Another extraordinary place is the Island of Saint Erasmus where agricultural land still prevails.  On foot or by bicycle you can go through the vegetable gardens where niche products grow, such as the violet artichoke of Saint Erasmus and not only.  

Cavallino Treporti

The Nasone tomato is a delicacy of Cavallino Treporti, a municipality known for open-air tourism.  Its territories, such as Lio Piccolo, are stops along an agri-tourism route that reveals areas between the sea and the lagoon, unprecedented sunrises and sunsets, nesting animals, cultivated fields, beaches and holiday resorts where young and old can relax.

Among the products are eggplant globose or long, the dark green or white zucchini, lettuce head – gentle variety, corn salad – lettuce – arugula – parsley – radishes – potatoes and “extensive” crops corn – wheat – soybeans, tomatoes such as red bunch or other varieties and yellow – red – green pepper.

These places can be reached by stopping in Mestre or Venice and taking the specific transportation means.

Sabina Castelfranco

Radio and Television Journalist with 30 years of experience as a Correspondent and Producer, Sabina Castelfranco was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Italy, Spain and America and graduated at the London School of Economics. After passing the Italian State exam as a professional journalist, she became a reporter for Vatican Radio, CBS Radio and Voice of America among others. Since 1998 she works as a producer for CBS 60 Minutes and freelances for all major American, British and Australian networks.

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